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How and Why Other Nations Take Advantage of Propane Autogas Benefits

Using propane as a transportation fuel is clean, affordable, and provides comparable power to conventional fuels. Many countries around the world recognize these qualities and the use of propane autogas globally is not only stable but climbing. Here are just a few of the many countries that have chosen the autogas route:



Propane is the most popular alternative fuel for our neighbors to the north, primarily used by public and private fleet vehicles such as taxis, school buses, and transit vehicles. In Canada, propane is the autofuel of choice for fleets because in many places it is about 40% less expensive than gasoline and diesel. Propane is also exempt from excise tax and taxed at a lower rate than its competition.



Propane consumption exceeds gasoline consumption in Turkey!According to the Turkish Statistics Institute's report, the nation had over 16 million vehicles powered by propane in January 2012 with the majority of these being passenger vehicles. The government encourages the conversion of gasoline vehicles to propane by regulating the price of propane and imposing higher taxes on the competitive fuels: gasoline and diesel. Propane significantly dwarfs the use of CNG in Turkey; there are only 500 CNG vehicles in the country and only two CNG filling stations.



Poland's autogas market is one of the oldest and one of the most successful. They have the highest rate of propane use per capita, and as of 2011, there were over 6050 refueling stations in operation and over 2.5 million propane vehicles on the road.



This is the second largest autogas market in the European Union, behind Poland. There are currently over one million propane powered vehicles on Italy's roads. They were one of the first countries in the world to introduce autogas, starting their efforts in the 1950s.



Most of the autogas fueled vehicles are light-duty fleet vehicles such as taxis. The nation started using propane autogas in taxis in the 1970s and saw huge growth in propane powered vehicles from 1999 to 2001. Almost half of all propane consumed in Korea is for use in vehicles and they are the largest market in the world in terms of volumes.

United States

Here at home, propane autogas is on the rise. We are nowhere near the consumption levels of some of the other nations around the world though. The Alternative Fuels Data Center, powered by the U.S. Department of Energy, gives quick access to propane refueling stations around the country. Propane autogas use by American drivers can reduce our dependence on foreign oil significantly. The U.S. is already the leading producer of propane in the world so rather than running vehicles on imported oil, why not use a domestically produced product?

Posted on Mar 03, 2018