Cookie Use and Consent Policy

Every time you visit our website a unique identifying cookie is placed into your browser that lasts until the current session expires. A new cookie will be generated upon next visit thereafter.

Cookie Use

ARRO Autogas uses cookies to uniquely and anonymously monitor usage of the website. The cookies we use are only used on AePEX Energy website products. At anytime your browser or device may offer settings that allow you to choose whether browser cookies are set and to delete them. For more information about these controls, visit your browser or device’s help material.

What ARRO Autogas Monitors

These are the objects that AePEX monitors using cookies.


ARRO Autogas monitors traffic to gauge the effectiveness of advertisement and website effectiveness. ARRO Autogas records webpage views to determine what pages are most reaching and important to their visitors. ARRO Autogas also collects acquisition details to better understand how visitors got to their website.


ARRO Autogas monitors the time each visitor spends using the website. Monitoring the session time of each visitor allows ARRO Autogas to adjust its strategy to reach current and future customers. This also helps ARRO Autogas gauge the effectiveness of the website.


ARRO Autogas monitors country, state, and down to city location. Where each visitor is located determines the visitor’s service area. ARRO Autogas monitors the visitor location to correctly identify which branch will service the visitor. ARRO Autogas also monitors location to gauge areas of growth.


ARRO Autogas monitors details on the visitors device. In order to keep up with current technologies ARRO Autogas acquires detail of the visitor’s device. ARRO Autogas collects the device operating system and model.

Consent Use

I consent to the use of cookies as I use ARRO Autogas website products.

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