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ARRO Autogas

ARRO Autogas provides premium propane motorfuel for propane powered trucks, autos and alternative fuel fleets throughout California. Servicing public and private propane refueling stations, ARRO Autogas works with fleet operators to offer convenient, publicly accessible refueling for LPG and propane powered fleets. ARRO Autogas is also a certified upfitter, warranty center and mobile service. It's just like when you take your personal car to the Ford Dealer, or, we come to you.

ARRO Autogas Wins Green Fleet’s 2015 Green Sustainability Award

ARRO Autogas was recognized for the second year in a row for its sustainability efforts at the 2015 Fleet Technology Expo on August 26, 2015, in Long Beach, CA. Delta Liquid Energy’s ARRO Autogas company fleet of vehicles stood out among national fleets for its innovative accomplishments in green sustainability and efforts to reduce emissions and fuel consumption for several reasons. Most significantly, the company reduced its fuel emissions by 30 percent with 55 percent of their fleet running on propane autogas. California Autogas vehicles are EPA and CARB certified and emit 12 percent less carbon dioxide, about 20 percent less nitrogen oxide, and up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide than gasoline-powered vehicles.

New Federal Law to Reduce Autogas Tax

Arro Autogas is proud to report that on Friday, July 31, 2015, President Obama signed into law a bill making it easier for all Americans to use propane autogas. Included in the extension of the highway bill, the excise tax equalization provision permanently reduces the tax rate on propane autogas and levels the playing field for all alternative fuels. The tax will go from $0.183 cents to $0.132 cents, which is a savings of $0.051 cents per gallon on propane Federal Excise Road Tax.

Rick Roldan, National Propane Gas Association's President and CEO applauded Congress for their action saying, "NPGA is very pleased that Congress acted decisively on this issue, making it easier for every American to choose a clean, abundant, and domestic alternative fuel. Propane is the world's third most common engine fuel, and the United States is producing more of it than ever before. Parity in the fuel tax system will help put more alternative fuel vehicles on the road, which is a good thing for America."

Excise tax equalization alters the calculation for the excise tax levied against propane used as an auto fuel to be based on an energy content rather than the current volumetric calculation. Due to the lower energy content of propane compared to gasoline, this will result in lower excise taxes being levied on propane used in auto fuel applications. 

The tax reduction takes effect January 1, 2016.

Propane Price News

‘Cap-and-Trade’ Regulation Expected to Raise Propane Costs in 2015
Beginning January 1, 2015, the cost of propane will become subject to the regulations of Assembly Bill 32, commonly referred to as the Cap-and-Trade program. In brief, the bill requires California’s propane refiners, fractioners or importers to “cap” emissions in order to reduce greenhouse gases to 1990 levels by 2020. If the entities exceed targets, they must “trade” money for carbon credits from the state in order to meet compliance. Due to this legislation, your propane prices may increase. 

YOU Can Help STOP the Propane Price Hike
If you do not want to see the Cap-and-Trade program impact your propane costs, let your representatives know. There are currently bills in the California Senate and House (introduced by Senator Andy Vidak, R-Hanford and Assemblyman Jim Patterson, R-Fresno respectively) that seek to exclude propane, gasoline, diesel and natural gas from the legislation. Contact your Assembly or Senate representative to:

  • share your support of Senate Bill 5 and Assembly Bill 23, provided they are amended to include propane
  • express your frustration with the impact the Cap-and-Trade legislation will have on you as a propane consumer who uses the clean energy fuel for your business, cooking, heating, or any other specific use

We will not know the effects of these bills until 2015. At ARRO Autogas, we will continue to do our best to keep you, our valued customers, updated with transparent communication regarding the upcoming Cap-and-Trade developments to ensure you are informed and prepared. Please contact us if you have any questions.

ARRO Autogas is a Sustainability All Star!

ARRO Autogas earned the designation of a Sustainability All Star at the 2014 Green Fleet Conference & Expo on October 30, 2014, in Schaumburg, Ill. ARRO Autogas stood out among national fleets as a Sustainability All Star for several reasons. Most significantly, the company reduced its fuel emissions by 30 percent by switching all of its 48 fleet vehicles to propane autogas, an EPA and CARB certified alternative fuel that emits 12 percent less carbon dioxide, about 20 percent less nitrogen oxide, and up to 60 percent less carbon monoxide than gasoline-powered vehicles.


Professional Propane with Prokee

With ARRO Autogas’ advanced Prokee controlled Fuel Management System, fleet operators that manage numerous propane powered trucks and vehicles can now track their autogas usage, LPG motorfuel mileage, hours in service, vehicle type, identification numbers and more.

Order your Prokee today and schedule a training at one of our sites to learn how ARRO Autogas can enhance your public and private refueling experience and help manage your alternative fuel fleets.

Call or email Allison Platz at (855) ARRO GAS, or visit us at 1960 Ramada Drive, Paso Robles, CA to order your Prokee today.

Proven Propane Success

  • March 18, 2015 - Written by Blue Bird Corporation

Kids BusWhen your district is considering purchasing a school bus, a few things are typically considered. Although initial cost is important, many forward-thinking districts are asking additional questions. How much capacity should our bus provide? How long will it last? What kind of lifetime savings can we expect?

Many districts have found that the answer is simple: Propane Autogas. Propane-powered school buses are saving thousands of dollars each year in fuel costs alone for school districts nationwide. Coupled with the savings they experience in maintenance costs, the total cost of ownership for these buses is much lower than a typical diesel-powered bus.

At the forefront of this offering is Blue Bird Corporation, a true leader in propane. Blue Bird has been manufacturing propane school buses for over eight years, and their next-generation propane solution powered by ROUSH CleanTech is a proven, viable solution to any district looking to save money. With over 5,000 of these buses on the road today, and over 50 million miles driven, these buses are a testament to the reliability and acceptance of this alternative fuel solution.

"We have engaged a long-term plan to purchase all new propane Blue Bird buses to replace our entire fleet of diesel buses." Says Joe Powers, Superintendent of Crawford AuSable School District in Grayling, Michigan. "Propane buses are cheaper to operate, they don't need the run time of a diesel...and they are quiet for the students. Overall, propane is better for the environment too, which is the responsibility of each one of us."

Blue Bird's dealer and service network are also equipped to provide support for their customers, many receiving hands-on training from ROUSH CleanTech and Ford. Blue Bird's current model propane buses also feature a 5-year, unlimited mile warranty: the industry's best warranty currently offered.

"Holland Bus Company has sold over 100 propane buses to multiple districts in our state." Says Ken Haverkate, Sales Manager of Holland Bus Sales in Michigan. "We have seen our customers experience major savings with their Blue Bird propane buses. We always hear good things about them."

"Our propane bus is the flagship offering from Blue Bird. As we continue to innovate at Blue Bird, our customers will initially see many of these new features first on our propane bus." Says Jeff Terlep, Vice President of Marketing and Product Planning for Blue Bird Corporation. "It's a very exciting time at Blue Bird and all of our employees are honored to be the fastest growing bus manufacturer in North America."

If your district is looking for ways to save money- money that can be put back into the classroom – Blue Bird's proven propane buses are the answer!

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